Monday, 16th September 2019

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Am just on the way out of the strata industry and thought I would leave a few observations.
It may feel good to use your power and state your opinion to your own selfish advantage, but remember that others have opinions too and these are the basis of word of mouth. So when you act out of spite and narrowmindedness, remember that the target of your actions has the ability to take what you give them and transform that into word of mouth.
I am amazed at how easily individuals are prepared to trade mini personal victories into the negative word of mouth that will inevitably follow. No wonder business is struggling to keep clients.

Positively, Strata Live appears to have managed to create a helpful and objective forum. I have referred many clients to the website, confident that they would be able to get the information they need. The strata industry is a unique environment with too many middle men - good to let the clients develop a voice.

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well said.

5% of people create 95% of the issues.

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Hi ontheouts. Good luck in your next venture. I think I may be one of the people you put onto stratalive and I have had great support from the site. What you say is absolutely right and I think this site is terrific because it is totally independent. The owner of the site doesn't even butt in and give ridiculous advice like another strata site I know.

I hope where you are going will bring you a lot less pressure and far more happiness. Come back and visit some time.