Wednesday, 16th October 2019

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We are with Strata Choice at one of our investment buildings and another strata company at the other.  Chalk and cheese.  Matthew is our manager and while he is great, all the Strata Choice systems and procedures are in place and they leave the other bunch at the other building for dead. 

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We had Strata Choice at the last building we lived in.  They were fabulous in comparison to the crowd we have now.  They are too big.  You get lost in the system and just become another faceless name.  Our manager has never even been to our building.  How can you manage something you have never seen? 

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Feel your pain SoCool.  Our manager has never been to our building either.  I noticed that nobody is yet to say a good word about the crowd we are with and when I say crowd, I mean a very big crowd.  Glad all going well with Strata Choice.  I will put them on the list when we change early next year but we are hoping to be able to sell when the new laws come in.