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I am in a top floor unit and would like to create attic storage accessible via a drop down ladder (non habitable).

A couple of questions....

Does this require a special resolution at an AGM, EGM or either? Would I be asking for exclusive use of the roof space, or for it to be put on title?

Do I need to purchase the space, or offer a reasonable monetary sum for the space?

Must the motion submitted to the meeting be put forward in the form of a by law covering all aspects of the space used, future maintenance, etc, or could it be more general? Any hints / tips on how the motion should be worded? I understand if a special resolution by law is voted on and passed it must then be lodged at the land titles office.

I am in Randwick Council, would this be considered an exempt /complying development as it is non habitable space?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,especially from those who have been down this track before.

Thank you.

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The attic belongs to the Strata Body and you would have to purchase or lease the area and a special resolution at an AGM or EGM would be required.

Also a bylaw would have to be approved giving you permission to access this area and the terms and conditions under which you have been granted this access. This is what needs to be registered with the Land titles office.

You could write the bylaw yourself or employ a Strata lawyer to do it for you, but it would need to be approved via a SR by the owners and you would be liable for all costs (registering bylaws costs about $120). Lawyer would cost ????

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