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Well I asked for permission for solar panels to be installed on my townhouse roof on the 14th of April and faxed off the appropriate forms and got back an email saying they had been received. Since than i have heard nothing and dont think they have had a meeting. Shouldnt they be meeting sooner than every 3 months if not longer? Im not sure whats taking so long and as the rebate was finishing I have now installed them anyway (they have already given several townhouses permission if they followed a few rules, all of which I obided by) not to mention im the least of there problems for refusing as the rebate was finished 4 more hosues have done them without receiving permission and all 4 are visable from road which was the number one no when we seeked approval (they mentioned it when sending off the form to us)

Anyway so how long should I expect to wait for approval?

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I hope what happened to me doesn't happen to you. They made me get rid of my solar panels because I didn't wait for permission. Sometimes these approvals can take up to six months. I learned a really big lesson. Other people had them at our estate as well but they still made me take mine down. The Office of Fair Trading said that had I waited then I could have taken it to the CTTT if they said no because there were others in our estate. But just going ahead and doing it peeved them off so they just wouldn't let me have them.

And if it gets really bad and you don't get rid of them they can literally sell your house from underneath you for not complying. A lot of EC's are power hungry enough without giving them fodder. Good luck!!

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certainly hope that doesnt happen to me! That is if they find out I have them before giving approval :P There not visable unless your in my backyard and standing on the retaining wall, or on my roof.

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While I understand why you went ahead it really is important that you get approval first. As mentioned, it is possible for the OC to get orders from the CTTT requesting that unauthorized works and additions to common property be removed.

As the solar panels are attached to what I assume is a common property roof (unless your by-laws and/or strata plan state otherwise) approval would actually need to be granted at a general meeting – both as a section 65A (approval to add to, alter or enhance common property) motion and a by-law.

Though it sounds as if the committee has been approving other applications?

In answer to your original question, it is not unusual for committee’s to meet every three months.

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Nat is right of course as far as owners corporations go.

If I remember correctly this townhouse might be in a neighbourhood scheme and perhaps a community association aswell (or may be a development lot in a community scheme) in which case the provisions of the Management Statement may well provide for applications to be considered by the Executive Committee.

If a by-law in the Management Statement prevented the installation then the amendment of that by-law would require a special resolution at a general meeting of the association (and if the by-law was expressed to be a by-law for the control or preservation of the essence or theme of the development then the change would require a unanimous resolution at a general meeting).

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