Saturday, 04th July 2020

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Currently live in a building which is beginning builders warranty claims and have only in the last 6 months become involved in the OC. Many things being passed off to owners as 'advice' from the SM are questionable and digging around online seems to back up my suspicions. Most owners have engaged lawyers to begin BWI claims and I queried where we were at with the common property, answer was hasn't been started. Big concern considering this pertains to most of the building defects, so more digging led to an ASIC search of the SM's business name to come across they have been voluntarily de-registered since 2011. Recently I was told that their company would be changing name's, the new name is also not registered. The biggest concern is the owners want the building problems fixed, I'm happy to keep my mouth shut and hope that this happens although if the insurance company or lawyers find out then the claim will be dismissed. Any advice on what to do? What is the penalty for trading whilst de-registerd and what is the avenue for making a complaint?