Saturday, 06th June 2020

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We have Southern Cross Strata Management from Liverpool. It is a family owned company who treat owners with respect. Ned Djakovic visits our complex as he does others. He keeps on top of maintenance issues, assists Executive Committees and deals with complaints. As an Accountant and Strata Manager our finances have increased and maintenance is being carried out. His staff try to assist if he is unavailable. If they are unable to assist, Ned Djakovic gets back to asap. They are a very good company.

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We have moved to this company as well and they are fantastic.  That said, I still think that we should be able to warn people about companies that are not great and promote those that are.  We left a company that is just too big now and their last consideration is their owner.  Too busy acquiring other businesses to care about the business they already have.  It is much easier to keep what you have than get new business but I suppose if they keep replacing all their losses with new acquisitions nobody really notices.  Shocking business model and very hard to maintain.

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Nice to know about the Southern Cross Strata Management company and its team. It is good to share this information so that the people in need can find it to contact you. I read many grademiners review about it and this post is so good to get help.