Monday, 16th September 2019

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ok, I'll try and be as brief and clear as I can, I'm baffled and head to this forum for some guidance.

So here's the issue:

Shower leaks on  1st floor, and water closet roof collapses on ground floor, water everywhere.

Plumber attends, turns out shower tray has been put in in reverse low side against walls, the tray has dropped, the grouting wasn't silicone to allows for some movement, looks like a slow leak, indequate waterproofing, some builders waste in the pipes, building movement and here we are.

The plumber fixed the leak, gaffer taped the gap and an assessor and builder came on board.

The assessor reports indequate waterproofing, grout instead of silcone used, the drop in the ray, tray put in incorrectly and sends off report to insurer. assesor suggests looking at other units, highly likely same issue exists.

The builder completes a scope of work for corrective action - some insurance some body corp. various quotes obtain ranging from $8000 to $2500. same scope of works though.

The scope of works only overs 400mm up the wall in waterproofing, 2 rows of tiles and matching as close as possible only. Which is fine I suppose, it corrects the defect technically.

2 units are presently effected, the quotes for each unit slightly different as the damage is slightly different but it is what is needed to correct the defect and damage. Some of the resultant damage will be covered by the insurer. We are outside the defects period and cannot claim for any defective workmanship etc..

It is fair to say that the body Corp should cover the cost for whatever corrective action is required to remedy the defect?

It's been 12 months since the initial plumber call out and between the 2 owners 12 quotes plus have been obtained, we understood the $$ was the ultimate factor and the insurer does not permit any alteration to the scope of works. The trays have dropped further, we've been assurred we will not fall down through the floor even though they suspect underflooring damage, and the committee has just come back with the Body Corp will cover $1500 of any repair associated with this defect.

We are headed to an AGM and some of the exec have already been seen with other owners discussing the weather. It appears another unit had a similar problem in 2012, with 1 quote obtained for $2400, it was approved within 7 days, and the Body Corp cover the $1500 and the balance was covered by the insurer and this is what they want as the precedent set. 

Apart from the OMG factor,  I hope to appeal to the other owners who may themselves have this issue that  a complete corrective repair is warranted and that the cost of corrective action will vary and it would be inquitable to place a limitation on the cost when it is associated with a building defect. what do you think? Even with CPI, I feel the only precedent set is that the defect was corrected in full back in  2012 , the defect was rectified and the owner was not out of pocket.