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We have had a few emails in relation to the ability to "search" the site. The search bar is at the end of the main menu with the magnifying glass. If you are looking for information about a subject i.e. floorboard issues. Just type in "floorboards" in the search bar and all the stories and forum topics where floorboards have been discussed will come up in the results. You can then either join an existing forum or start a new topic if you cannot find your answer in the search results.

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Just a suggestion. I have finally worked out my way around the site but maybe you could make the search bar more obvious. There are people who are not going to know that the magnifying glass means search. And having the search bar right next to "contact" looks like you need to put someone's name in the bar to find them. This site is a fabulous tool for lot owners particuarly the forum so you might want to make it more obvious like a google bar.

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What magnifying glass? I can see Contact down the bottom between Newsletter and About but there is no magnifying glass.

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actually i have the same concern pmolsen have  

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The small search bar has been replaced with the large search bar under the main menu on the homepage.  If you type what you are looking for in there, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

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