Monday, 16th September 2019

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Brendan Woodall
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Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to sell my apartment via real My agent applied for a sign board to be placed outside the apartment block, which was declined by the body corporate and committee.
Over the last couple of weeks Remax had placed a for sale sign board out the front if the apartment block and has now sold the apartment.

I'm finding this very unfair if the body corporate gave approval to Remax to place a for sale sign board out the front of the building rather than allowing me.

Just wondering what rights do I have?


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Take a photo of the Remax board outside the appartment block and send a copy of the photo to the BC and committee with a covering note saying that unless you allow a for sale sign for my lot I will be taking action against you for discrimination. Also I will go after you for extra costs that I have incurred due to your discrimination against me.

Now get your agent to errect the sign and see what happens. If they remove the sign you can then add theft to your claim.