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Hi everyone,


I have a question that I can't find any answers to online.

Very briefly, my situation is as follows; I live and own an apartment in a strata title apartment block consisting of 24 residential only apartments in NSW. We have a managing Strata agent as well as an Executive Committee. We continue to have ongoing building issues (construction was completed in mid 2014) relating to the original builder of the apartments. We have a defective roof, which requires some repairs, however the builder has refused to carryout the repairs as there is no safe roof access system installed. The apartment is three stories? (that is ground floor, first floor and second floor). In my opinion the roof will only require once yearly maintenance at most (there are no trees around that will cause any roofing problems/debris).

We have received two quotes from roof safety access companies around the $40-50k. We are due to vote on the acceptance of one of the quotes in late January 2016 through an extradordinary meeting. If successful, all apartment owners will be asked to pay around $1500 each for the system within 7 days, as our sinking fund does not contain enough funds to pay for the system.

My question is:Do we really need a safe roof access system to be installed? I am of the opinion, a knuckle boom lift and temporary roof achors would be enough to carry out any minor maintenance required on the roof?


Does anyone have a similar sized apartment complex? Do you have a roof safety system installed?


Thankyou in advanced!

Ashley - Fatra
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Hi Cal,

There are certain laws and legislations regarding roof safety systems. Ive attached a link below of a document which outlines specific requirements for roof safey systems. Although this is commercial and industrial it is quite comprehesive.

As a material supplier who works closely with strata management companies, builders and our approved applicators its something that gets asked regularly about temporary roof safety systems. There are certain measures that can be taken but it very much depeneds on the height of the roof, distance from the edge of the building etc.

The cost you mentioned seems extremely substantial but it would depend on the roof size and requirements. 

From your brief overview of the situation and the membrane on roof defecting already it would seem that patching the membrane would be a short term fix. If you require any support or guidance regarding resolving the water ingress issues and a suitable solution to carry this out Id be more than happy to discuss this further. 

Hope this helps.

Kind regards


Fatra Australia