Monday, 16th September 2019

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I am a user from way back. Fully sick. Love this site.

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Of course I am here. We have so many problems in weather like this that I am always looking up solutions to our problems. I don't post as much as I use to because someone always beats me to it and I find what I am looking for in a site search. But I also really like this site and I have since the first time it turned up in a google search.

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I'm here

St Leonards
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Me too.

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Hi K-top. At the end of the day, the forum is here not just to get help but to give help. I am sure there are some people in this post who could give very valuable help but they choose not to until someone like you encourages them to post in a fairly superfluous post to bring them out of the wood work. I tend to agree with Michael W that we need to get down comprehensive input if we are going to help change the shabby direction of this industry. How is starting a post like this going to help resolve some of the basic issues except to point out that there are a lot of people out there in strata world looking for help and yes, this site is one of the best places to come to get that help. But what of the issues that people Like Michael W are having? How does he fix his issues when he has no information about his building to work with. Really, the OFT and CTTT need to be doing their job better to make lot owners like Michael W feel more secure when they get a dodgy strata manager like ABC. Why don't you go to Today Tonight Michael W. They love stories like yours!

Michael W
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Hi Cindy and everyone

Sorry if a post I made on another subject was out-of-line. There is a positive though, folk have responded to the post and that I hope is not seen as a bad thing.

I will definately try and change the way I post in the future

Mick W

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Can I just say that everyone is entitled to their opinion on this site and if that opinion is not agreed by some then you have the right to respond. Try not to take comments too personally. Most of the comments are generalisations about the industry so I am sure none are meant to be directed at any one person.

I do not get very involved in the forum. This is your space. I have with this post because it is interesting for me to see if K-top is right about the way people view and use the site. Everyone is welcome here and as far as I can see, no rules of the site have been broken but in saying that, please consider other member's sensitivities when posting and how that post will be construed.

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Can I just say that I am one of those selfish sods that laps up all the help and advice and I don't really contribute to the forum otherwise. I will try to do better from now on.

Problems Never ...
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We were told about this site by a Strata Manager we are hoping to obtain. It is brilliant to see so many helpful comments and opinions. The assistance we have received from the site itself and a particular lawyer has been great. We are only fairly new to the strata way of living. Please answer my question on another forum. How do we get rid of rogue Strata Managers? There are many good Strata Managers out there and the rogue ones need to lose their licences. Its too hard to get rid of some once you get them. Keep up the good work. Our complex thanks all those who have assisted us on this site. Without you we would be drowning.

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Top site. Love it here.