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What is your problem?

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Hey Cindy. You should sticky this thread to the top of this forum. A couple of people seem to be forgetting the rules. Thanks for banning that annoying spammer from the USA.

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Please remember guys. Only one member account. If you forget your password or user name please flick me an email rather than re-registering. Thanks, Cindy.

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Hey Cindy. Love this site. For once we have no issues in our building but I hope I might be able to help our some other people on the site. I know what it is like to have issues and to get answers. Often as well as hearing from the experts it is good to hear from other lot owners who have been through the same thing. Keep up the good work. Polly.

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I would like to post some questions that I am planning to send to my strata manager. I am hoping someone can elaborate on whether I am being unreasonable or that my request is warranted. Thanks in advance.

I would like to raise the following concerns:

-Why is the Admin cost going up again by $100? Our strata/sinking costs are the highest I have seen and heard of, for a building of our nature.
-I have paid all my fees on time since 2008 and now I am being asked for a special levy ($2500) due to a short fall in Admin charges, how is did this occur?
-In the advent of all these additional costs, the important motions in my opinion have been defeated, such as the revaluation of the property for insurance purposes and the auditing of the last financial year? What are the reasons for this?
-Why was I not notified of the annual meeting? I would have liked to have attended.
-What is the reason why we pay water and sewerage costs? I pay them for my individual flat as well. Is this normal?
-I saw the gates mentioned in the motions. They are still in need of attention both front and back. Also the gas meter box needs its door re-fixed, its been like this since I bought the place in 2008.
-In addition to the laundry and garage gutters being cleaned, I believe the main gutters require attention as I have dis-colouring on my ceiling both in the bedroom and lounge. These ceilings were painted in 2008.
-The state of the backyard is less than desired. I have noticed the people engaged to carry out works do not really put a great deal of effort in.

I think it would be fair to say that if we are expected to pay premium rates for our strata administration, then we should also receive a premium service.

Your speedy response would be greatly appreciated.

FYI: My strata is currently $850 going up to $959 per Qtr consisting of $581.35 Admin and $377.75 sinking fund.

AT Strata Manager
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My comments are as follows:

- The questions on finances seem fine and your strata manager should be able to easily answer these.

- The strata manager cannot do anything about motions for auditing/insurance valuation being defeated - take this up with the Owners at the general meeting.

- You should have been notified of the meeting as an owner.

- Generally you pay water connection costs and the scheme pays for water usage (your bills would be the same quarterly, am I right?).

- Repairs/maintenance questions are fine.

You evidently have a shortage of admin funds given the shortfall and the increased admin collection - this would be because of not enough funds collected in the prior year(s) or costs exceeding the budget.

FYI those levies are not astronomical (however I have no idea what your common property facilities are or how big your unit is, etc).

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The resident managers of our complex have their unit and caretaking and letting services agreement for sale. An interested buyer surfaced and for the sale to proceed, the financier insisted on the contracts being topped up to 10 years, which an overwhelming majority of owners agreed to at an EGM. The sale subsequently fell over, so now the EC have made an application to the CTTT to have the contract term revert back to the original term, saying that it is unreasonable and unconscionable, despite the fact that the caretakers have their unit and business still on the market and in fact have another interested buyer.
In detailing their intention to take legal action, the EC alleged that the caretakers had in fact manipulated the collapse to gain a 10 year agreement.This we know to be a complete fabrication.
The intending buyer has now revealed to the caretaker that it was the intervention of an EC member that led to the sale collapsing and the buyer losing their deposit due to a breach of contract and both parties being adversely affected.
The Hansard and SSMA suggests that an EC doesn't need the resolution of an EGM/AGM to take legal action, so long as costs fall below $12500.Is that correct?
If the application is accepted by the CTTT can the caretaker argue from a 'common sense' angle, pointing out that the OC has incurred no loss, no costs or damage and that to revert it would benefit no one, especially as the property and business are still for sale with an interested buyer in the wings?
As owners we'd prefer to have happy, contented caretakers and see no reason, other than vexatiousness to pursue this course of action.
Please advise.

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Strata Guy wrote:

generally replacement remotes are paid by the owner. Price will range between $70 and $120. Contact the building manager (if you have one) or the strata manager. They usually have supplies on hand and can replace quickly.

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