Sunday, 09th August 2020

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I'm writing to get some advice. I have bought a small vila and the body corp reads as this:

(1) The owner or occupier of a lot must not (subject to the provisions of section 181 of the Act and section 5 of the Guide Dogs Act 1972)
(a) bring, raise, breed or keep dogs, cats or poultry or any other animal on the lot or common property; and
(b) permit an invitee to bring, raise, breed or keep an animal on the lot or common property.
(2) By-law 13 shall not apply to any dogs, cats for which the body corporate consent was sought and given prior to the adoption of this By-Law, provided all conditions of that consent have been and are being adhered to including that the dog or cat not be replaced on the demise of the animal.

Can this kind of rule still apply? I applied to keep one small fish in a bowl and one Ragdoll cat inside my vila at all times, and would not! let her cause any trouble to anybody else, and it was rejected...even the fish... Can this be rejected and what can i do to contest it? I don't want to cause any trouble with the neighbours or Body corp but i reeaaallly want that cat! I don't have kids, they would make much more noise then a cat! I don't want kids... i want a cat, it would be my baby.... can they stop me if it doesn't cause trouble to anybody else????