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I have been coming to this site since it started a few years ago and I have had some fantastic help from experts on the site, particularly lawyer, Daniel Russell.

How do we find a new strata manager? It is not an easy thing to do. We got those Stratamatch people in but we decided not to go with them because they wouldn't tell us which strata companies are associated with them.

I then rang Cindy who owns this site and she suggested I contact Strata Community Australia. When I finally got them after having to ring them three times to get the callback that never happened, they said in no uncertain terms that they could not help me. I got a very cold response as if I had asked a dirty question. "We don't refer any of our members. You will have to find someone yourself by ringing around."

How is that helping me as a lot owner and how is that helping their members with potential new business. Cindy suggested we get quotes from three strata companies who are members of SCA. When I told the woman at SCA that she said she had no idea who I was talking about and that Cindy had no right to be referring people to SCA.

None of it makes any sense to me. Anyone got a good strata manager who would do a good job with a large 300 lot building? Seems like the only place I will get some good advice is from you guys.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi K-top

We had no luck with SCA either. Have you been to the homepage on this site. Look under strata experts. We picked three from that list because there is quite a bit of information on each. We ended up going with StrataPlus. Our manager is doing a great job. What you need to do though is asked who the strata manager will be because they send their business development people to meetings.

We asked to meet the person who was going to manage our building. Offer to go to their offices to do that because the managers are too busy to go out and see potential new business.

I wonder why Cindy recommended SCA when the managers featured on her site were all excellent when we interviewed them. SCA are basically hopeless. They are there for the managers - not the lot owners. Amazes me they have no facility available for lot owners when they are the major industry body.
The Real Estate Institute is much more helpful towards the public.

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Dear K-Top,

I would be happy to provide you with a proposal and guide you through the process. I attach a link below to our website we consider ourselves experts in managing large and complex Strata Schemes. The advantage you have with us is the Owner of the business is also your Strata Manager. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you further obligation free. www.resultpg.com

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Sadly we are not allowed to place names on this site for ones to avoid. In saying this, there are some very good Strata Managers. May be suggestions or avoidance can be made via the little man and sent under a private message to you. Looking on this site is also a good answer. Good luck.

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Finding a new strata manager is not always easy. Seems everyone has an agenda. That said, we did find our strata manager through this site. Everything here is pretty transparent and I know Cindy doesn't expect payment from a strata manager for new business. I know there are sponsors of this site otherwise we wouldn't get all this great help for free but it is nothing like those stratamatch people charge strata managers for a piece of business. I don't want someone having to pay to get our business. And I agree with K-Top - at the end of the day you don't know who you are getting because they are not transparent about which strata companies they have on their books. You actually don't know who you are choosing from.

We went with Strata Choice. Really happy. Didn't even tell them where the referral came from because I know Cindy doesn't like to be seen referring anyone. In fact she didn't. We did our homework and read up on some of the managers here and chose three from the list who appealed to us most. This is my take. If strata managers sponsor a site like this to help lot owners then they have an interest in the individual lot owners. Better still if they get on the forum to help. Just shows that they are giving something back so that's why we chose them from here. Good luck. I think you would be pretty safe going with any of the managers you see on this site.

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I think when you are choosing a new strata manager, you need to put everything in perspective. Don't have unrealistic expectations. I have heard people say our strata manager didn't do this or this or this and the list goes on. At the end of the day "this" was not his responsibility, it was ours.

The difference between a good strata manager and a bad strata manager is communication. Find a strata manager with a charter in place that says they will get back to you within 24 hours. We had a strata manager who only responded to emails on a Friday. Our strata manager now gets back to us within 24 hours and the way I found this site is because he directed me to it. His message says, "I will come back to you within 24 hours. If you have a general enquiry, the lot owners website www.stratalive.com.au might be able to help you in the interim.

We found our new strata manager at a trivia night at the pub. He, or his company is on the strata experts list on this site. I read through those experts and I think that would be a pretty good place to start. I don't know anything about these Strata Match guys but unless there is total transparency - which there appears not to be - I would do the looking myself.

Strata Community Australia is an industry body for the strata managers. They have little to no concern for lot owners.

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Quite honestly, it is a lottery finding the right strata manager and once you are locked into a contract, it is hard to escape.

We paid out our last strata manager just to get rid of him. Nice bunch of people they were. I have read much of what is on this site and while I know we are not allowed to mention names, I am sure it is the same company that everyone refers to as ABC.

That said, we got five companies to come out to us. We are a large building as well. Found out most of the information here in the one place so that was helpful.

I agree. Pointless ringing SCA. They are about the strata manager. Not the lot owner.

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Hi Guys

It is a perception that SCA is only for the strata managers. They do want to help lot owners as well. Sorry for your experience K-Top.

We chose our strata manager from here as well. I agree, any strata company that is willing to sponsor a site for lot owners has lot owners front of mind.

There is more to the owners corporation than the executive committee but many strata managers can't be bothered with the individual members of the owners corporation. Actually that isn't entirely fair. They don't really have the time to communicate with individual lot owners.

I applaud the strata managers who sponsor sites like this to help compensate for a general lack of communication average lot owners. Therefore in the best interest of our lot owners in our building, we chose a strata manager from here.

We had four come in and there was very little in it in regards our choice. All of them were about better communication with the lot owner and accepted this was not always a priority in the past.

I think as this site builds even more it will be the best tool for finding the right strata manager. I don't think SCA will ever be the right place to go to find the right strata manager, however, starting with one of their members is probably the right place to start. They are trying to cover lot owner issues more than have ever done in the past so it was disappointing to hear about your experience with them K-Top.

I would have thought SCA and this site would be a perfect fit. In fact I thought they were associated because of the colours. Not good that Cindy refers people and their people do not even know who she is. Hey Cindy. I think your people should talk to their people!

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1) Strata Community Australia won't help you. You are not their priority.

2) StrataMatch? If they don't tell you which strata managers they deal with, how can that be advantageous. Can you actually go to them and say that you want to choose out of 1,2 or 3 or do they tell you that you have to choose out of their 1,2 or 3. I can't see how that would work at all. I would be interested to know how many strata managers actually deal with them.

3) Stay here. Stratalive is independent. Cindy owns the site and never gets involved other than to give us a great place to come and get great advice and chat to other lot owners. We chose from the managers in the "strata experts" on this site. They all seemed pretty reputable. Doesn't mean there are no other good strata managers, this was just a great place to start.

Hope it all works out for you.

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Thank you so much for all your help everyone. Seems I am not the only one who has problems. I had a couple of managers contact me through the site so I will get back to them in the next couple of weeks and I will also look at some of the others on Stratalive.

Thanks to the members sent me personal messages with referrals or who to steer clear of. Very helpful. Great that you can do that. I never knew that until now.

I am still surprised that SCA don't refer their members but hey, better off here anyhow with people in the same boat.

Thanks again.


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Why is it so difficult to find a strata manager? Why are strata managers paying a third party for business? They should spend the money on improving communication with their existing business and then all these people would not be looking for new managers. Keeping the business you already have is ten times easier than getting new business.

Beware of anyone who is making a buck out of taking money from strata managers for your business. Those companies are only paying for the business because they can't get it themselves through tendering for the business. I would definitely not do business with anyone who couldn't or wouldn't tell me who the managers are on their books. That is absolutely fraught with danger.