Monday, 16th September 2019

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I know I should have had an OK from the EC before getting a new puppy but there are others in our building who didn't get permission and they have been allowed to keep their dogs. Now the EC has told me I have to get rid of the puppy and I am the only one who really has the room to have one. I am the only one with a yard connected to my lot.

I am home most of the time so there is no issue with barking and when I do go out, I take the puppy with me. When I asked the EC members why they told me it was because they looked over my garden and they did not want to dog excretions on my lawn. Is that a good enough reason not to let me keep my puppy when they have given permission to everybody else. About half of the people who have dogs in our units have not asked permission but they are able to keep there puppies.

About 60 percent of the owners in our building have pets. Can I take and issue like this to the CTTT? I have no intention of getting rid of my pup. If mine goes, then everyone else's should go.

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Firstly - always seek permission!

Secondly - what does your by-law in relation to animals say?

I don't think that their current reason is reason enough to reject your application, the threat of CTTT proceedings may be enough to convince them to reconsider.

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Hi Buyer

AT Strata Manager is right, you should always obtain permission to keep your pet on your lot.

Note also that depending on the by-law applicable to your scheme, the by-law can also be challenged if there are inconsistencies with the enforcement of the by-law under your scheme.

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HI Buyer

I would really like to know if you went to the CTTT about this. If you didn't you should. We had to go to the CTTT and they found the EC was being unreasonable due to the fact there were other dogs in our building. We got to keep our pet and it didn't end up costing too much in legal fees. Let us know what happened.