Sunday, 05th July 2020

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Owner brought along to AGM a person who sat at meeting table in our strata managers office with our group og owners and took notes for duration of meeting. Assume he was a lawyer. However the chairperson (strata manager) was told he was Mr Smith. When I asked the man directly who he was and why he was at our A GM the owner answered for him saying it was none of my business! I asked the man again and he said he was under instructions from owner not to speak!
Does any strata lawyer have knowledge as to legality of having an unknown person at Agm taking notes? Would appear to be a form of intimidation.
Any suggestions for action we could have taken to not allow this person into meeting.?

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A meeting of the Owners Corporation is just that. The only people authorised to attend are outlined in the Act, namely owners, proxies and mortgagees etc.

If that person was the appointed proxy for that owner then they can be there. If not the Chairman should have asked them to leave and, if they refused, adjourned the meeting until they left.