Saturday, 04th July 2020

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I have an apartment in altona. the building is only 4-5 years old. recently my balcony has been leaking water into the shop underneath.. upon inspection of myself as iam a plumber, I have determined that the leak is been caused by dodgy sealing around a pipe that passes through my balcony ( so through the tiling work) and into a stormwater pipe underneath the concrete slab...the o/c are saying its up to me to fix, but my argument is if the pipe didn't go through my balcony we wouldn't have this problem, also the pipe does not service my apartment..can anyone help me in any direction on who is responsible for the repairs.. thanks

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This is not your problem. The pipe is not for your use so it is common property causing the problem. Ring your strata manager and get them to address with your OC. Definitely not your responsibility.

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I think your apparment is sufferung from condensation.Leaking pipe give a access moisture to your balcony. You should go for damp proofing experts to get rid of this problem.