Saturday, 06th June 2020

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Hello all,

As I have been following this forum for a bit of time now, I have noticed that communication and information are the major issues that people seem to have in regards to their complexes/stratas.

I have almost finished a website where it will provide a central personalised information repository for owners and tenants. This will be an online information source for you and be able to be distributed to anyone who has dealings with your complex.

The pages/areas that I have been to develop are -
EC information and contact pages
Forum for owners/tenants to make comments
Picture gallery for any photos that people may want to upload.
Contact forms for maintenance, questions or requests.
Mail groups to inform people about any upcoming works or general info.
Document space for any financial spreadsheets and/or correspondence that may be received by the EC.

But, I would like to ask the lovely people here if there would be anything else that you think may be relevant on a tenant/owners website. Any help you can provide would be appreciated....