Saturday, 06th June 2020

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Hello I am hoping someone can help. My former strata manager was charging interest on top of interest. I have since found out that a former owner was in an arrangement and not paying the full levy set to the owner's unit. A forensic audit showed that the former strata manager had a secret bank account and is now under police investigation. Now the current strata manager has put interest as strata arrears and misleading the owners corp. Also the current strata manager has not responded to an email to how the interest was calculated. The current strata manager sends out levy notices long before they are due to be sent out and has increased the amount. At the last AGM the levies were determined by the former strata manager and at the meeting resigned and no discussion was taken before of during the meeting, however the minutes state the owners resolved all motions. This in incorrect. What is regarded as disturbing the other residents? I have been recorded to saying a swear word. the recording is 30 seconds long and now the strata manager wants to take this to NCAT.
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Am reading it correct? The agent wants to take a matter to NCAT relating to the use of a swear word? A few things are: How was this recording obtained? The agent wants to take it to NCAT, not the OC; under what section of what Act is there jurisdiction to make such an application? I can send you case law where the ‘f’ word is considered OK by a local court magistrate so I find it hard to believe anything could come of using a swear word; what is this pre-school playgroup ? A lot of agents try to vex and intimidate owners by making empty baseless threats that have no foundation and hope strata naive owners get frightened by the empty threats. Your interest and levy concerns probably belong at NCAT but not a swear word. I’d wish him luck with that.