Monday, 16th September 2019

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Hey Cindy. Have you seen the company who have copied you website? It is almost the same site as yours but it is called and it about home living rather than apartment living. A bit bold just copying your site to a tee. Can't you do something about that?

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Hi 007

We have not formally launched as yet but it is live and we are loading the site right now. I have launched the site with a friend of mine who owns Real Estate Publications Australia. She prints The Hills bible in Property Showcase and Homes Pictorial. It is something we are working on together so it is all good. Startalive will continue to be an information site for apartment living and homeslive will be an information site for home living - so we will have all bases covered.

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Unfortunately, this is very common in the online world. I had another cleaning company copy my site exactly. In fact, they were so lazy that they didn't even edit out our company name from the content so our name actually shows up on their site.