Monday, 16th September 2019

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Happy New Year to everyone visiting stratalive.

This year we hope to see stratalive cross the boundaries as we expand our community to include more from Queensland and Victoria.

Thanks to help from our sponsors including - Meriton, BCS, Bright&Duggan, Netstrata, Mills Oatley Lawyers, Teys Lawyers, Ariston, Quorum and many others - we are headed for a good year for expansion so we are able to supply you even more information, help and advice.

We are now getting more traffic than any other strata site in Australia so if you haven't done so already, register your details so we can keep you informed on new strata issues in our new weekly newsletter.

We wish everyone, especially all our family and friends currently suffering the effects of the floods in Queensland, a very safe and happy 2011.

Warm wishes to all,


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Hey Cindy - Happy New Year to you and your team as well.

I think this site is amazing. I posted in the forum and two lawyers and an owner got back to me almost straight away.

Such a great tool for lot owners who need help - especially over Christmas when not many people were around.

I second well wishes to everyone up in Queensland affected by the floods. Many of us on this site live in highrises so we will never have to be confronted with this situation but it brings a whole new meaning to being exasperated when the kids let the bath overflow and it floods into the hallway. I will be thinking about our Qld neighbours before I lose it over that again.

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Want to hear something amazing to start the New Year!

I met up with one of the other stratalive members at the end of last year. We were both having similar issues in our buildings and after sitting and talking about the issues we had, we decided to go and have a drink and as the old saying goes, the rest is history!

Who would every have thought that after reluctantly going on the executive committee it would lead me to the most fantastic lady in the world. AT will read this and go...."NO! NO! This is not the place for this." Sorry Buddy. I didn't put it in the main strata forum but I thought it would be OK to put it in Cindy's Happy New Year thread....because it has started off with a bang.

Looking forward to helping make our forum the biggest and the best this year!

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I missed this - funny to read.

I think it is great that you met up and that became the case - congrats.