Monday, 16th September 2019

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Many people who live in apartments are dependent on decisions made by NSW Fair Trading run under labour minister Anthony Roberts. How embarrassed would he be today?

How dare any of those idiots in Canberra call themselves a leader. I am absolutely disgusted and embarrassed by that personal showdown last night in front of the whole country. No one is running this country at the moment. They are too busy stabbing each other in the back. What idiots we look to the rest of the world. Who is this small minority think they are choosing who leads our country. This should be our decision but sadly we have the bottom of the barrel to choose from.

Kevin Rudd? He couldn't get it right the first time. All he has done is put all his energy into stabbing Julia in the back since she took office. Bill Shorten? Indecisive moron. How pathetic is he changing camps at the last minute. He is the absolute clown in this circus they call politics. You just have to cringe listening to them saying they are doing it in the best interest of the country. They have done nothing in the best interest of the country since all this backstabbing began.

I am embarrassed to call myself an Australian. Tony Abbott is going to walk it in at the next election and he will be our next "Leader". The calibre of people we have in Canberra is the weakest it has ever been in Australian politics. Tony Abbott couldn't lead a pipe band and as Jeff Kennett said last night, "I wouldn't trust Rudd to look after my cats." So what happens to us as lot owners? At least Anthony Roberts has made in-roads in to making relevant changing to legislation. He has done his job. What happens when some liberal loser comes in to run Fair Trading. Will all his good work have been for nothing. And where does that leave us? The new legislation will be put on a back burner to gather dust for the next 50 years.

I refuse to vote at the next election. They can fine me and I would much rather pay the fine than commit to any of those idiots running our country. All I would be doing is giving the job to someone really inappropriate, untrustworthy, unscrupulous and certainly not working in the best interests of the country.

As far as politicians go, Anthony Roberts has made significant in-roads to improving our antiquated strata laws. An election is going to throw him out. Labour can't possibly win an election after that disgusting display last night. The indecisiveness of whether to pick Arthur or Martha. None of them would know and thankfully Rudd's second coming is going to be really short lived.

Last night was the worst PR exercise I have ever witnessed in my life. If Labour wanted a glimmer of hope at the next election that display of incompetency was the worst thing they could possibly have done for an upcoming campaign. There is no room in politics to be so emotional and personal. There is a job to be done. The country doesn't trust their government or the people in it. What a sad state of Affairs.

I think after last night I am probably most disgusted with Bill Shorten. Any chance of him running for the top job is gone. Indecisive. Tick. Hypocrite. Tick. Disloyal. Tick. Weak. Tick. Unscrupulous. Tick. On his way to nowhere. Definitely. That ridiculous contingency of idiots last night run our company. It is a huge embarrassment and this morning I am ashamed to be an Australian.

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There are some good labor people so shame we have to lose them but Liberal will definitely get in. What happens with all the progress Anthony Roberts has made on the strata laws and legislation. Does the Liberal guy just pick up where he left off? I agree with you 007, what and embarrassment for everyone involved. They are a bunch of school children.