Saturday, 04th July 2020

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I moved into a block of 6 apartments last year. Four of the carpark are an obvious park of the structure - being built under the units. However mine are in the form of a carport to one side (part of the original development as the unit I bought was the home of the original builder.

The unit's electricity meter box (a wooden/chipboard thing) is in this carport area and during the recent deluge water found its way down the wall .. breaching the carport roof .. and the box was sodden.

One of the other owner's has said this is my liability .. can anyone help????? thanks!

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If the water damage was caused by water running off the roof surely it's an insurance job (BC insurance) as the roof is BC responsibility (assuming it is an original structure and not something you have added).
As to the meter box if it just serves your unit it would be your responsibility except that the damage was caused by water leaking from the roof so it's BC problem.
If it is an insurance claim the BC can ask you to pay the excess for the damage as it's purely damage to your lot (BC have discretion in this to determine who pays excess).