Thursday, 17th August 2017

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I apologise if this is the wrong area for this.

I am a freelance software developer and have created an online Voting fill a need in Queensland to make conducting Flying Minutes/Motions (votes outside of a committee meeting) quick and easy.

But I was hoping to get community input into how I can improve this service for other State legislations. 

I am planning on building an Electronic Voting section for NSW. This would involve preparing a Committee meeting, sending invitations to members who can then select "Attend, Select Proxy or Vote Now". The members could select a proxy from a list the meeting organiser has elected or their own proxy, Or they could vote on the issue then and there without attending.

Can anyone give me recomendations of what else this service could entail? 

We are only in beta stages right now so would love any input.

Our webpage is Innovote found at and I can be contacted on here or there.