Saturday, 06th June 2020

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We had our AGM last week, our strata manager chaired the meeting, when it came to election of committee three were the decided upon four persons nominated, the vote went to a ballot two were elected two were tied there was call for show of hands still tied, one of our owners asked if there were any other options, our Strata manager then used an open proxy signed by a company nominee to the managing agent to break the tie, he used this open proxy to decide in favor of a long term committee member who will not stand down. my question is should a strata manager interfere in an owners corp, election of committee isn't it a decision for the owners corp.2 also isn't it the procedure that A company proxy is signed by the company directors and not the nominee, also as it was open should it have been used. I noticed buried in the voting instructions / use of proxies the right of an owner to call a poll, even after the vote has been decided this was not told to us when he was asked if there was any other options, had a poll been called poll on entitlements this would have gone against the long term member, and elected a new committee member. this manager knew this as when we wanted to call an early election to install a new committee he was adamant we did not have the numbers to call a meeting based on unit entitlement Jo Jo
jo jo