Monday, 16th September 2019

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Jason Smith
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There was a recent ATO ruling that changed the thresholds at which owner corporations are required to "register for GST". This happened to affect my strata, and this year the levies jumped by 10% because the strata manager simply slapped an extra 10% on top of the budget. I feel there's something not right about all this. The act of "registering for GST" shouldn't mean an instant 10% rise in levies. For one thing, if the strata is paying $55,000 to the electricity company, that already includes GST, so the strata levies the owners $55,000 to pay for the power. However, it's not right to charge the owners ANOTHER 10% on top of the $55,000 just because the owners corporation is now "registered for GST". I'm wondering what's been your experience with your strata levies? Did they rise by 10% after your OC registered for GST?