Monday, 16th September 2019

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My neighbour and I are having a dispute over some shared guttering on our adjoining units. Part of his roof drains into a common gutter (this is not actually common property on the title) which then ends up draining into a stornwater drain on my side. Due to issues with flooding in his garage from the gutter getting too full, an engineer and plumber both advised that the current drain setup was inadequate and that when the units were built there clearly needed to be a drain on his side, and that his roof should not drain into my storn water drain. We both have other drains further around on our units, there is just a single shared one servicing part of our roofs.

We have obtained a quote for this extra drain however i dispute I need to pay half as the deficiency is clearly on his side, where the new drain will be put, and although the guttering is shared, it is not common property.

I am struggling to find any guidelines for this in Victoria. The quote for a new drain on my neighbour's side was about $900.