Sunday, 09th August 2020

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I noticed there have been some comments on this site about

I am worried because I have investment units in both QLD and NSW and my building in QLD is using Stratamatch to help with a new manager - that quite honestly, we didn't even need.

Someone at Stratamatch has been pushing us to change manager because they say they can get as a better manager. They totally bagged out our current manager and said that we got crap service because our current manager is a larger company. We get very good service from our strata manager but these guys are trying to convince our committee (I am a member) that they will get a better service elsewhere. Until they approached our building we had no issues with our manager at all. They said they were told to contact us by some other guy who has a website called Body Corporate Matters which I had initially mistaken for Stratalive - because they said it was a lot owners website.

Anyhow, my gripe is that this company openly discredits every strata company that has not signed up with them and they are targeting those manager's building and trying to make committees feel disenchanted with their current manager. This is all so they can move in with one of their managers who pays them a ridiculous amount of money for the introduction.

I hope I can convince our building to stay with our current manager because if we leave it up to this stratamatch crowd, I would expect it would be a decision that we would live to regret.

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I'm sorry. Just saw this post. I am in NSW. Same deal here - exactly. Fortunately I managed to get someone from this site to come to our building and help us with our issue. She fixed the problem without us having to go through all the painful execution of finding another strata manager. There was so much time and paperwork involved with Stratamatch and the small problem we had was solved in 10 minutes by us doing it ourselves with help from here without the long-winded process.

It is an interesting concept but I don't think it is quite right yet.