Saturday, 04th July 2020

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I bought into a strata with 6 villas and 2 common garden area and driveways. The council of owner is dominated by one person who dictates that no one can do anything in the common are without her consent. We have no bylaw that states parking is not permitted in the space/driveway that does not block any access to villas. No permission to sit in the garden area under the big tree. What can I do in a common area?
Thank you Sel

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Do you have any bylaws at all.??

Most bylaws contain something like this

1   Vehicles
An owner or occupier of a lot must not park or stand any motor or other vehicle on common property, or permit a motor vehicle to be parked or stood on common property, except with the prior written approval of the owners corporation or as permitted by a sign authorised by the owners corporation.

If their is nothing in the bylaws regarding vehicles then the default bylaw of your state for when the scheme was registered applies.
Is the driveway common property or lot property.