Saturday, 06th June 2020

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I hope my post yesterday jolted you guys into doing this.  We had a shocker of a time with our previous strata managers and I was skirting around naming the guys we have now because I knew we couldn't use the name of companies on the site. 

Let me be the first to 'name and fame'. 

We are with Bright & Duggan and from the outset they have been terrific.  Not just our manager, Ben, but the whole office right through to senior management.  Deservingly, they also won the SCA - Strata Company of the Year this year - and for good reason.

Because of the size of manager's portfolios it is understandably hard to keep in contact with everyone.  Ben manages that better than any other strata manager we have ever had. With any issue it makes a massive difference to be able to talk about a problem with someone rather than let it fester.  Ringing a manager 10 times and still getting no response is totally unacceptable in any industry except strata it would seem.  The service from Ben is way above the norm.

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We are also with Bright and Duggan and I don't think it matters which manager it is from Bright & Duggan - we have had a few over the years - it is the culture that works.  I think it also needs to be a team effort and you can't have unrealistic expectations about what your strata manager should do.  It works for us.

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Thumbs up for Bright & Duggan :)