Sunday, 25th August 2019

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Unit living

Developers Starting to See the Light

The importance of quality lighting is often undervalued when designing a home or apartment.

Sky High Puppies

Sky High Puppies: Research to explore the lives of our four-legged friends in high-rise homes.

Congrats D Ryan from Paddington

Congratulations to D Ryan from Paddington who is the winner of the Ariston oven and cooktop.

Security Systems and Today's Strata

Security should be a high priority for an owners corporation. Why is it so far down the list of priorities?

Water Heater Perfect for Small Spaces

Check out the new Rheem 12 Continuous flow gas water heater that is absolutely perfect for smaller spaces

Paint Trends for 2010

Two of Australia's biggest paint experts talk to Georgia Madden about what's hot in paint for 2010

Hot Kitchen Trends for 2010

The latest kitchen treds were revealed at the Eurocucina design show in Milan earlier this year. Here's a sneak peak at what's set to sizzle in 2010

Let There Be Light - Create a scheme

It's no secret that lighting can make or break a scheme. A successful lighting scheme draws the eye where you want it and improves the performance of your home

Lack of Storage? Here's some great tips

Get smart with your storage. Georgia Madden gives you all the tricks of the trade.

Find Out How to Build a Colour Scheme

Decorating a room from scratch can be a little daunting. Georgia Madden gives you some hints about building a colour scheme

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