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Transforming Dull Walls

Monday, 18th July 2011

Dining room wallpaper from Duck's Nest (

Dull walls getting you down? Paint effects, wallpaper, digital art - with the huge number of incredible products on the market today, there's no longer any excuse for boring walls. Transforming a boring wall into an eye-catching focal point will also help add depth and character to the room around it - something interior designers know all too well - and is just the thing if you're keen to make your apartment stand out from the rest.

1. Paint with Stripes
Stripes are one of the oldest tricks in the decorator’s handbook, and for good reason – they’re incredibly effective in small spaces. Fine pinstripes will add texture to a plain wall, but for something more modern (and daring!), try bold, thick stripes. Remember that stripes are a decorative tool, so think carefully about what you want to achieve before you start; vertical stripes will make a low ceilings appear higher, while horizontal stripes will help make it feel wider. If you just want to add a touch of fun, go for a zany pattern such as zigzags or herringbone. One of the hottest wall trends right now is to paint black and white stripes on the lower half of a wall, and a bright contrasting shade above it.

 2. Textured Paint
If you like the idea of paint, but prefer something subtler than stripes, consider applying an eye-catching, textured paint finish to a plain, white wall. Porters Paints ( offers a range of beautiful metallic wall finishes such as liquid zinc and aged copper, which will look like they’ve been on your walls forever. Or paint a whole wall in chalkboard paint – Murobond ( sells chalkboard paint in funky brights such as orange and blue.

3. Statement Wallpaper

The current trend for bold, statement wallpaper offers the perfect solution for uninspiring walls. Playful patterns such as the wall gallery or armchair designs at Duck’s Nest ( work best used on a single wall, and are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who walks through your door. Other fab statement papers can be found at Dearwood ( and Chee Soon & Fitzgerald (

4. Textured Wallpaper

If you yearn to bring a bit of nature into your home, consider lining one wall with wallpaper made from linen, bamboo or grasscloth (try Grassweave at Natural wallpaper will not only add some much-needed texture to a boxy space, but it works beautifully when contrasted with sleek modern finishes such as glass and stainless steel for a contemporary, layered look.
5. Wall Adhesives
Decorative stickers are no longer just for kids’ rooms – many companies now offer designs as subtle or bold as you like for grown up spaces too. Think trailing botanicals, a unique quote running across one wall, or a trio of chandeliers behind the dining table. And best of all? The adhesives are easy to remove, so if you change your mind you can simply pull them off and use them elsewhere. Check out the designs at The Wallsticker Company (, which also sells removable wallpaper.
6. Mirrors

A wall covered with mirrors of different shapes and sizes looks stunning, and will visually enlarge the size of a room and bounce light into every corner. And if you’re a fan of antique shopping and handy with the spray paint, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Give a group of framed mirrors of various shapes and designs a sense cohesion by spray painting them all the same colour. Alternatively, have a single floor to ceiling mirror cut to size, or prop an oversized framed mirror on the floor for a relaxed look.
Wall-Mounted Storage
Today’s wall-mounted storage units are designed to be noticed, and allow you to jazz up a dull wall and boost your storage space in a single stroke. Super stylish storage systems such as the String System at Great Dane Furniture ( offer endless combinations of shelves, closed cupboards and even a desk to suit just about any wall size, while the chic wall-mounted units at Transforma ( could easily pass for wall art. Other places to look include Fanuli Furniture ( and Space Furniture (

8. Digital Artwork
Digital photography allows you to turn just about any photo into a stunning work of art for the wall. Have your favourite snap blown up onto an extra large canvas – often the more close-up and abstract the image the better. Or choose a group of three favourites (stick to either black and white or all colour photos for cohesion) and hang them side by side to draw the eye the minute you walk through the door. You can even have digital photographs turned into a custom wallpaper (

9. Wall hooks

Wall hooks, practical by nature, don’t have to be boring. Check out the simple clusters of wooden wall knobs at Great Dane Furniture (, which give you somewhere to hang coats and resemble nothing short of modern art when not in use. Other places to try include Nordic Fusion (, for its folky metal wall hooks, and the tongue in cheek designs at and Interstudio (

10. Unique wall decoration

Perhaps the most obvious way to transform a dull wall is with a fabulous painting or wall sculpture. But don’t limit yourself to the usual styles – some of today’s floor rugs, for example, would look stunning hung on the wall (try Designer Rugs Why not try your hand at creating your own art, which can be as simple as covering a canvas with your favourite patterned fabric, or painting a series of small canvases with different shades of the same colour. Alternatively, do something unexpected that gives a hint to your passions– if you’re a fashionista, hang a beautiful dress on the wall, or if you’re a keen cyclist, hang a vintage or uber-modern bicycle.


Georgia Madden

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Comment from MelBrandle on Thursday, 29th June 2017

I agree that today, nothing is impossible when it comes to the interior design of your unit. We used to have regular wallpapers which were difficult to install and remove from your unit walls. However, today we have various 3D wallpapers that look and feel like real walls. Your unit will never be dull again, ever.

Comment from Janet Cooley on Thursday, 02nd March 2017

Dinting painting to your house walls is necessary because these are having a great role in the advancement of your house beauty. Thank you so much for the great suggestions to share with us about which color might suit for the advancement of house beauty.

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