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Stylish Kitchen Splashbacks

Thursday, 30th September 2010

Say the word 'splashback' 20 years ago and you instantly thought of tiles. Now, the choice includes all sorts of materials, including stainless steel, wood, glass, stone and Corian. A splashback does far more than just protect the area behind your stove from splashes and spills - it gives you the option to make a real style statement. Look for a material that's easy to maintain, and blends in harmoniously with the style of your kitchen.

So what are the main options?

Ceramic tiles were once the main choice for splashbacks. And for good reason - they're durable, come in a wide range of colours and finishes, and are easy to wipe down. On the downside, the grouting between the tiles requires regular cleaning to keep clean, and it will need replacing eventually. If you're keen on ceramics, opt for large format tiles with fewer grout lines for easier maintenance.
Another choice is smaller mosaic tiles. A key trend right now is for a medley of mosaic tiles in different shades of the same colour, which will give your kitchen dramatic visual texture.

Toughened glass splashbacks are a hugely popular choice for kitchens right now. It's hardy, easy to maintain and will give you years of service. Choose from clear glass, coloured glass, or back-painted glass that comes in just about any colour you can imagine. Another option is to have a digital image or photograph laid across the back of the glass for a show-stopping look.

Wooden splashbacks suit both modern and traditional kitchens, but they do need to be looked after properly to protect them against moisture and will require regular oiling. Wood is a natural material, and will only need to be used in small doses to add instant warmth to your kitchen. For a cheaper, easier-to-maintain alternative, consider wood veneer, which is available in a variety of striking finishes, including zebrano and walnut. Any spills on veneer will need to be wiped up quickly to avoid staining.

Stainless steel
Get the industrial look in your contemporary kitchen with a stainless steel splashback. It's chic and light-reflecting, plus it has the added advantages of being anti-bacterial and water-resistant. It does scratch easily, but over time the scratches blend into each other and it still looks great. Stainless steel can be 'coved' with a worktop in the same material so that there's no visible join between the two.

If you've invested in a Corian countertop, why not carry it through with a splashback in the same material for a sleek, seamless look. Corian looks wonderful, plus it's non-porous so it won't absorb moisture or grease. It's an expensive material, but will give your kitchen a designer feel.

Splashbacks in limestone, granite or marble will add instant 'wow' factor to a modern or traditional kitchen, but as they're porous materials they will require regular sealing. Stone is a natural material - it's tough and will age well, but it can be very costly at the outset.


Georgia Madden

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