Tuesday, 20th October 2020

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Interior design

Transforming Dull Walls

Forget boring walls - here are 10 easy ways to jazz up dull walls and add character to your home.

Developers Starting to See the Light

The importance of quality lighting is often undervalued when designing a home or apartment.

The Block - A Springboard to Success

The Block - A Springboard to Success

Organise Your Wardrobe

Don't let a small wardrobe defeat you - a little planning, a good declutter and some new storage items will allow you to make the most of what you've got.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

With incandescent light bulbs now a thing of the past, it's all about eco-friendly lighting. Use our guide to make sense of all the different options.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Let the natural world provide the inspiration for your interiors, with lush greens, organic shapes and natural materials.

Furniture Care Guide

Timber and leather furniture is a real investment, so it pays to understand the proper way to look after it so that it lasts you a lifetime, and even beyond.

How healthy is your home?

A clean isn't necessarily a healthy one; invisible toxins from your cleaning products and furnishings could be contributing towards an unhealthy environment.

Sofa Buying Guide

Whether it's the centre piece of a formal living room or a spot for chilling out, the sofa is a vital piece of furniture and should be chosen with care.

Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Small, poky bathroom getting you down? Fool the eye into believing it's a lighter, brighter space than it really is with these smart decorating ideas.

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