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Bedroom Storage Solutions

Thursday, 28th July 2011

The main bedroom should be a calm and ordered retreat, but if you're short on space it can quickly turn into a jumbled mess with clothes draped over chairs and cupboards that are filled to bursting point. A certain amount of creativity is required to tackle the problem; think about exactly what you need to store in the bedroom, look around for hidden storage opportunities, and consider boosting your built-in space with smart freestanding and container storage. You'll soon discover more storage space than you ever imagined.

Work Out What You Need to Store

In a small home you often need to store more than just clothes and shoes in the bedroom - think luggage, bags, spare bedding and books.  Finding adequate storage space for these items requires careful planning and a commitment to regular editing.  Remember, it's not so much about finding a home for everything, but working out what you really need to live with, and what you can live without.  As a rule, things used regularly, such as clothing, bags and scarves, should be stored within easy reach inside cupboards, drawers or on shelves, while those used less frequently can be tucked into the more remote spots of the bedroom such as the top of cupboards or under the bed.

Large items, such as suitcases, might fit under the bed or beneath a lift-up slatted bed base, while seasonal items such as blankets and out of season clothes can be stored in space-saving storage bags that can be tucked high up on cupboard shelves.

Look For Hidden Storage Opportunities

Take a good look around your bedroom to see whether you've made the most of all your storage potential.  Is there space under the bed for lidded storage boxes or baskets?  If you're in the market for a new bed, would you consider one with drawers?  Do you have any empty walls where you could fit floor-to-ceiling shelving?  And what about the back of the bedroom door or the wardrobe door for hanging hooks?  Taking things off the floor will instantly make a small bedroom feel bigger and brighter, and this is where shelving really comes into it own.  Built in shelving will allow you to make the most of any awkwardly-shaped walls or corners, while a single floating shelf can be run all around the perimeter of the bedroom to store books and magazines.

Make Your Wardrobe Work Harder

Having trouble closing the wardrobe doors?  If so, it might be time to reorganise your wardrobe space.  Take everything out of the wardrobe and get ride of any clothes, shoes or accessories you not longer need  or use.  What remains are the items you need to store.

Work out how much hanging or drawer space you require for your clothing, and if the current wardrobe layout is insufficient, reconfigure it with additional shelving or an extra hanging rail.  Is there space for shoes?  Clear the bottom of the wardrobe so that it's devoted solely to shoe space, and if you need more space (and who doesn't), think about investing in some additional hanging shoe store.

Aim not to overfill wardrobe shelves or drawers, as it's easy to forget what you've got inside.  If necessary, store any pieces used less often in storage bags or baskets.  Create order from a jumbled mass of accessories with small container storage, pretty baskets or hanging rails from places such as Howards Storage World (www.hsw.com.au) or Ikea (www.ikea.com.au).

Seek Out Furniture With Integrated Storage

Furniture that double duties, such as an upholstered storage bench or a bed with integrated shelving, will give you bedroom storage a serious boost without swallowing up any precious floor space.  If you're in the market for new furniture, keep an eye out for pieces that have integrated storage, and don't feel that you need to stick to just bedroom pieces - a low level cabinet, for example, makes a great bedside table and contains handy drawers, while vintage storage trunks look stunning and provide extra storage.


Georgia Madden

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Comment from Andres.micheal77 on Monday, 27th June 2016

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Comment from MelBrandle on Monday, 09th May 2016

If there were ever any reasons why one needs consider self storage, this would be it! Especially if you are renting and all your things are confined to your room... Sometimes there's just no space for everything and you need an alternative place to put it all. 

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