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How the Experts are Helping You

Tuesday, 21st May 2013

Recently, Brett Kelly, Managing Director of Australia's leading strata accountancy firm, Kelly + Partners, held the first of his Strata in Conversation lunches at Aria restaurant. During the course of the year, Brett is hosting a number of these lunches with guest speakers at each. It was relevant and appropriate to have the Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts as his first guest speaker.

When I first started Stratalive, Brett Kelly was one of the first experts to come on board.  He understood the need for more information to get to lot owners.  Strata was born the same year as me.  1961.  There has been so much change throughout my life, however, strata legislation is not one of them so Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts has taken the bull by the horns and is tackling the beast.  And there is little doubt, it is a mammoth task.

But Anthony Roberts is passionate about strata and he is a lot owner himself.  He understands the frustrations and the desperate need for reform.  He agrees wholeheartedly that these reforms should have taken place 15-20 years ago.

When Brett asked the Minster when we could expect an outcome to the recent consultation, Minister Roberts said they were hoping to bring legislation to the parliament early next year.

Minister Roberts made it very clear that communication is going to play a huge role in moving forward.  As a strata website, we are trying to bring a massive community together with help from the most reputable experts in strata.  NSW Fair Trading is no different.  The Minister and his team at Fair Trading are making the strata reforms the jewel in their crown and they want lot owners to start communicating again.

"The buildings are bigger, the communities much larger," the Minister said.

"Where we have more and more people now the only interaction they want with anyone is very little.

"They park their cars downstairs - hopefully someone hasn't parked in their spot - they get in the lift, they go up and they go into their unit...and that is it.

"So we are very supportive of an increase in communication."

There is little doubt that the Minister is headed in the right direction.  He wants better education for lot owners, better legislation and greater protection.  Nothing discussed at Brett's lunch left you wondering about his loyalities.  He actually did have each individual lot owners front of mind.  He speaks in plain English, he didn't over-intellectualise and he wants results.  All round, our minister for Fair Trading, Anthony Roberts is a pretty good bloke.

As Brett conducts his Strata in Conversation throughout the year, we will continue to bring you all the latest news and information from NSW Fair Trading and Minister Roberts.

Brett will be speaking with more strata experts throughout the year at his Strata in Conversation lunches.  The lunches are not just for strata representatives but lot owners are more than welcome to attend - in fact they are encouraged to attend.  The numbers for each lunch are limited so you should send your details to [email protected]

We have a goal in common with anyone who is contributing to better information and outcomes for our lot owners.  Brett is a best selling author so it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for his next book.  It will definitely be a good read for lot owners.

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Comment from Addison Adam on Wednesday, 25th October 2017

Be that as it may, Anthony Roberts is energetic about strata and he is a great deal proprietor himself. He comprehends the disappointments and the urgent requirement for change. He concurs wholeheartedly that these changes ought to have occurred 15-20 years prior. Essay Help [1] At the point when Brett asked the Minster when we could anticipate that a result will the current conference, Minister Roberts said they were wanting to convey enactment to the parliament right on time one year from now. [1]

Comment from Addison Adam on Wednesday, 18th October 2017

When I initially began Stratalive, Brett Kelly was one of the main specialists to go ahead, board. He comprehended the requirement for more data to get the opportunity to parcel proprietors. Strata were conceived an indistinguishable year from me. 1961.

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