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Welcome to the Nike Pet Program

Tuesday, 22nd September 2015

RIP gorgeous Nike

Don't give up your pet without speaking to us first.

One of my favourite people in the strata industry is Bill Coles.  Bill owns Commerical Cleaning and Caretaking Services and dedicates a lot of his time to the strata industry and is loved and respected by all in the industry.  Yesterday Bill and his wife, Sharon lost his gorgeous best friend, Nike.  It is so heartbreaking when you lose a pet because of the unconditional love and happiness they have given you through their lifetime.  Losing them at the end of a really beautiful life leaves you with nothing but gorgeous memories.  When you lose them because a committee in a building tells you you have to get rid of your pet, that is an agony too hard to bear and so unfair on the pet as well.

Yesterday I had a call from a lady who has had her dog for three years and when she bought her apartment she was told that she could keep her dog but between the time she bought and the time she settled they changed the by-laws and they are now telling her she has to give up her dog.  That is both cruel and unnecessary especially as the dog has been living in an apartment since it was a pup and is use to that way of life.  The Executive Committee of that building is being totally unreasonable and their behavior has been totally unacceptable when dealing with this situation.  

When I heard about Nike I was heartbroken for Bill and Sharon but I know Nike had a gorgeous life with the Coles family.  I immediately rang the lady who was told to give up her dog and offered to have him here with my dogs until we fought for her to be able to have him with her.  I couldn't see them separated when they love each other so much.  Both owner and pet would be devastated.

The love for Nike and the outpouring of sympathy for the Coles family made me realise that I started this site to make a difference for lot owners.  There is not greater cause than to ensure that owners get to keep their beloved pets.  That is a fight I will take on for anybody.

Today, in honour of Nike,  I am starting the Nike Pet Program.  Anyone who is having an issue keeping their pet, bring the fight to Stratalive.  We will take it on for you free of charge. Unless it is Rainbow Bridge calling, nobody deserves to be separated from their pets.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and not every pet is suited to apartment living. Obviously your pets need to abide by the by-laws like everyone else in relation to noise etc but I have found in most cases the refusal of pets in apartments has being unreasonable.  Fortunately, new legislation will address this issue but until then, bring your fight to Stratalive.

RIP Nike.  You had a beautiful life and love to the Coles family who are so missing you terribly at this sad time.

If you are having pet issues, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] and let's see if we can sort it out for you.

By Cindy Martin

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Comment from Abrielle19 on Friday, 03rd February 2017

Pets are like our children, they continously bring joy into our lives relieving all the stress that we get on a daily basis.  Its so sad that Nike has to go and I can imagine how devastating it was for the Coles family. We should fight for our pets, just like how the people from the stories I've read via review which are really awesome.

Comment from Glassman on Tuesday, 10th January 2017

It is very hard to leave pets where they are like our family members and so attached to us with their love and happiness. I have read mnay similar stories from  blogs before. I too really feel sorry for Nike and I can understand the feeling of Bill and Sharon to lose their cute pet which has been with them in their sorrows and happiness till now.

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