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Strata Booming in Parramatta

Friday, 25th September 2015

'V' by Crown at Parramatta managed by Strata Plus

The Western Central Business District of Parramatta is booming and strata companies are headed west to meet the demand.

There is an $8 billion strata building boom in Parramatta.  There are 33 major projects on the drawing board and developers need expert advice from strata managers right from the get-go.  And they want them there on their turf. There are a number of fabulous developments on the rise including 'V' by Crown (Pictured) which is managed by Strata Plus.

"We have a number of developers we deal with who have bought and are developing sites in Parramatta," Olivera Ferguson, Executive Director of Strata Plus said.

"Setting up an office in Parramatta was on our radar but the high demand definitely bought our plans forward.

"In fact, we are working out of serviced offices at the moment because we just didn't have the time to find a more permanent option quickly.   Of course is not a long term option but perfect when you need to move quickly.

"We just plugged in our computers, planted ourselves down and we haven't stopped since.

"It has caused minimal disruption to our existing business which was our greatest concern." 

Olivera feels that by maintaining their head office in Surry Hills and having an additional office in Parramatta means they have Sydney covered.

"Our established clients really don't mind where the office is because they know us well. They know regardless of where we are they will still be well looked after and to the same degree.  We generally go to them anyhow," Olivera said. 

"With the amount of work we have in the Parramatta area now, we just have to be here."

So while the strata industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, strata managers are expanding and/or relocating to meet the demand.  The developers want to deal with experienced reputable strata managers and they want them right there on their doorstep. 

"While it takes a little juggling, it is not an unreasonable request," Olivera said.

"Once we decided to do it, we just pushed forward and made it happen."


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