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Who is Responsible?

Tuesday, 15th July 2014

Strata Community Australia (NSW) and NSW Fair Trading show you where the responsibility lies in relation to your kitchen.







Burst Pipe

Owner/Owner Corporation


Normally burst pipes are the responsibility of the owners corporation.  However, if a pipe is for the exclusive use of the lot, then if it bursts:


Within the lot – owner’s responsibility  (e.g. pipe in an internal wall feeding the shower)

Outside the lot – owners corporation’s responsibility (e.g. the lots hot water pipes but they are in the concrete floor).





Dripping “S” Bend Under Sink



Ducting Cover Stack

Owners Corporation


Exhaust Fans

Owner/Owners Corporation


If it is inside the lot, it is the owner’s responsibility.  It if it mounted within “structural cubic space” e.g. communal ducting or a false ceiling which is designed to carry communal pipes etc., or outside the lot, then it is the responsibility of the owners corporation.


Floor and Wall Tiles

Owner/Owners Corporation


Tiles on a boundary wall or floor are the responsibility of the owners corporation.  All other tiles are the owner’s responsibility.  The two exceptions are:


The tiles on the second floor of a townhouse that was built prior to 1st July 1974.  The tiles on the floor in this case are the owner’s responsibility.

The tiles were laid by the owner and are subject to a by-law.


Hot Water Service – Exclusive to a Lot

Owner/Owners Corporation


If the hot water service is inside a lot and for the exclusive use of that lot it is the responsibility of the owner.  However, if situated outside the lot, it is the responsibility of the owners corporation unless subject to a special by-law.





Kitchen Cupboards



Leaking Pipes Under Sink



Lino/Vinyl/Cork Tiles






Main Stop Cock to Unit

Owners Corporation





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