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Meet Glenda Green

Wednesday, 21st May 2014

For some of us, our parents’ jobs or hobbies can set the tone for our own lives. We can follow in their footsteps and sometimes, like in the case of football players or politicians - a dynasty is created.

Glenda Green’s dynasty is not in sport or the hallways of Houses of Parliament but instead in property. As a child she moved house 14 times in 16 years and it was due to her father’s passion for real estate – a passion Glenda also shares.

“I am incredibly good at packing and labelling a cardboard box efficiently and effectively thanks to my mum’s training, Glenda says.

Being of a practical mind, after finishing school, Glenda became an accountant working for Deloitte. She has since worked for various companies such as JP Morgan and also gained her real estate agent’s licence.

“Gaining my real estate agent’s licence was inevitable as was becoming treasurer of my executive committee when I bought an apartment in the city,” Glenda says.

“While I have gained quite a lot of experience in property, being a woman in property is still a novelty in some quarters.”

Glenda is undeterred by workplace or industry politics and has a clear vision of where she wants to go and what she wants to achieve. In her new role as general manager at Strata Community Australia (NSW), she has a clear view of what needs to be done.

“The new strata legislation has provided SCA (NSW) with a unique opportunity to look at itself, its structures and the future of the strata industry,” Glenda says.

“The strata industry excels in having structure and order and so do I.

“I like to understand it all and get all the information. What I don’t know I will find out,” she said.

Going through the structures and processes of SCA (NSW), Glenda has been able to quickly identify some areas where changes are needed to meet the ongoing needs of members.

Part of what drives Glenda is the persistence and resilience she learnt growing up.

“Communication was also a major factor. My father was a great communicator and he also had a great ability to meet the changing needs of business.  He loved what he did.

"Having a family myself now, I have enormous appreciation for what my mother did while dad was driving clients around seven days a week.

In those days, you put the client in the car with you and drove them around to see the potential properties.  There were no ‘open for inspections’ back then.

“Those characteristics along with my curiosity in finding out how things work has pretty much lead me to this point. I know how strata operates from the executive committee and owner point of view, now I am learning a lot from the strata manager and service’s provider aspect.”

Indeed, Glenda highly values the experience she had in the role as treasurer of an executive committee as it gave her a unique insight into what happens at the grass roots level of strata.

“My property was in the city and we had all sorts of issues that had to be addressed.

“Some were the usual – setting fees, ongoing maintenance – but being in the city there were the issues of weekend drunk crowds and maintaining the security in out building.

“Being in the city certainly presented some unique challenges.”

Glenda’s next challenge is working on a new structure for SCA (NSW) and providing members with a better service. She is currently looking at the member value proposition and working with her team on different channels for service delivery to members. 

“Directing the next phase of where SCA (NSW) is headed is exciting, daunting and at times can be difficult.

“Ultimately my goals are to take the work already done and build an organisation that meets the expectations of its members.

“This is more important now as we move into a new phase in strata legislation and regulation in NSW.

“In my view we need to get back to the basic question.

“Why be a member of SCA (NSW) - or any organisation for that matter? The fantastic thing about this organisation is its uniqueness. While its needs are diverse, we must listen to the majority, but also segment our offering and delivery.”

Glenda is experiencing new challenges in her career. For example, she never considered being involved with the Strata Bill as it enters NSW Parliament.

“I’ve had to learn pretty quickly the processes for the introduction of the Bill. Luckily I have a great President and directors on the NSW Board, all of whom have been working on this for some time and continue to do so,” she said.

Look out for some new initiatives from SCA (NSW). Strata property owners are very welcome to become members. Check out www.nsw.stratacommunity.org.au for more information. 

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