Sunday, 25th August 2019

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Strata 101

Top 10 tips for avoiding strata strife

Minister for Fair Trading, Virginia Judge, has urged residents of strata schemes to follow 10 tips to avoid potential problems with their neighbours.

Can caretaker be managing agent?

We want our caretaker to be our managing agent. Is this possible?

Owner or Owner's Corporation?

Owning a lot within a Strata Scheme can be confusing in relation to maintenance. Is it your responsibility or that of the Owners Corporation?

Comment - What a load of Bulldog!

At 13 kilos, Hugo is within the normal weight range for a French Bulldog but a by-law will prevent Hugo moving into his new home. Weight or breed, you judge.

Unwelcome side effect of wooden floors

Noise transmission, particularly in residential strata units, is an unwelcome side effect of the increasing popularity of wooden or other hard floors in homes.

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