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Meriton Campaign for Home Ownership

Saturday, 12th July 2014

According to Harry Triguboff, buyers are well educated when it comes to buying a property but those same buyers will avoid participating in the strata management of their buildings because of the exhaustive legislation and responsibilities.

“People are reticent to raise their hands to be appointed to the executive committee because of lack of knowledge and understanding of the legislation,” Mr Triguboff said.

“One of the reasons we started our own strata division, is so we could help owners with that process. We already offer buyers vendor finance, we guarantee tenants for investors and we manage their apartments.  Managing the strata was a natural progression.

 “In a perfect world, I would like to see everyone own their own home,” Mr Triguboff said.

“Sadly that will never be the case but if the Government helps first homebuyers more and interest rates are further reduced, we will see more people owning their own homes.

“This would be a very good thing and I fight tirelessly for it every day,” he said.

But whether you own your apartment or you are an investor, Meriton wants to be involved in every aspect of the building’s maintenance and management so your investment continues to increase in value. 

Now the preferred lifestyle of the 21st Century, Meriton continues to grow to meet the demands of the market with 12,000 apartments currently under construction or in the pipeline.

“Managing the strata in our buildings is something we probably should have started years ago,” Mr Triguboff said.

“Who knows the buildings better than we do?  Every brick, every pipe, every cable has fallen into the hands of a Meriton expert.

“We can fix any issue better and faster with tradespeople who know the building inside out. 

“It is an additional service to our owners should they choose to use it.”

And it seems quite a number of Meriton buildings have chosen to appoint Meriton as their strata manager.

“It is not about competing with other strata companies.  I think many of the strata companies would agree that Meriton has given them a great deal of business over the years,” Mr Triguboff said.

“It is about constantly improving and implementing new services that are for the betterment of our lot owners.

“It is all about looking after the people who buy our apartments,” he said.

And by all accounts that contribution is well recognised by Meriton owners, who in several posts on the stratalive forum, refer to themselves as Meritonites.

Many are in buildings where the strata is managed by Meriton and there is concern by those owners that new legislation will prevent Meriton continuing to manage their building.

“We love Meriton doing the strata for our building and Ryan Wamsley is an excellent strata manager,” one Stratalive member said.

“He is really easy to contact and we even have his mobile number which is unheard of in a strata manager.

“I don’t know how anyone can see it as a conflict of interest when it benefits us so much.

Well the good news is that there is nothing in place in the foreseeable future that restricts Meriton from continuing to manage their buildings.  

Strata management in the scheme of Harry Triguboff’s extensive business portfolio, would be a tiny country on his world revenue map.

“It is not about the money,” Mr Triguboff said.

“It makes me very angry when people say that I will not fix problems.

“In many circumstances, if there is a problem, we don’t know about it because the strata manager has not told us.

“By having our own strata management company, we hear about the problem, we fix it and we move on. 

“It is not very complicated and everyone is happy. You have to know about the problem before you can fix it?”

And recently when Harry celebrated his 81st birthday, many Stratalive members came onto the Stratalive website to congratulate him and thank him for his support.

Even though the owners don’t know Harry personally, they all feel they do.

“The business is important, but the people are more important and we must look after them,” Mr Triguboff said.

“When buyers commit to our product, we commit to them.  Loyalty to our product is the greatest compliment and we work very hard to earn it.”

And earn it they have from all their “Meritonites” and in particular, one little five year old.  At her first day at school everyone was asked where they lived.

Most said houses, a flat or a unit. 

The little girl very proudly stated that she lived in a “Meriton”.

“You mean you live in an apartment,” the teacher replied.

The little girl started to cry and yell insisting she did not live in a ‘department’. 

“I don’t live in a store,” she cried,

“I live in a Meriton.”

Loyalty indeed.  From the mouth of babes. 


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