Sunday, 24th January 2021

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Strata news

Apartments Sell One a Minute

Apartments sell one a minute. Super Saturday at a new waterfront estate at Ermington

Uncertainty with Section 80D Resolved

Uncertainty with Section 80D resolved - A case study from Chambers Russell

Amendments to the Home Building Act 1989

Amendments to the Home Building Act 1989 - An update from Chambers Russell Lawyers

Apartment of the Week

Apartment of the Week. For most of us it can only be a dream.

$400million Residential Masterpiece

$400million residential masterpiece - Aoyan Property Group announces its first development in Australia

Happy Birthday Harry!

Happy Birthday Harry! Harry clocks up another year

Can I Paint My Door Bright Red?

Why can't I paint my door bright red?

Investing in Strata

Investing in Strata. What you need to know.

Solutions to Common Pool Problems

Solutions to common pool problems. Help to get your pool in top shape.

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