Sunday, 24th January 2021

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Strata news

Strata Title Overhaul a Step Closer

New from the Minister of Innovation and Better Regulations, Victor Dominello

Service Providers Should be Pre-Approved

Are your service providers pre-approved? Check with your building manager or strata manager

Investing in Strata - the first AGM

Investing in Strata - What you need to know about the first Annual General Meeting

Collective Sales-Working Together

Windfall When Neighbours Work Together - An update from Bannermans Lawyers

Lift Contracts in Strata Schemes

Lifts & escalator refurbishments and upgrades are amongst the largest items of expenditure that owners in strata schemes commission - An update from Bannermans

Strata Community Australia (NSW)

Strata Community Australia is making strata owner's lives better

Think Greyhound - Think Apartment

Greyhounds make great apartment dogs. They just love a couch and a cuddle.

Do You Need a Building Manager?

Why you might need a building manager. We speak to Dino Biordi from Luna Management.

Strata Booming in Parramatta

Strata Booming in Parramatta - Strata management companies head west

No Pets Allowed...Really?

No Pets Allowed...Why? The benefits of pet ownership far outweigh the negatives.

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