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An Experienced Hand to Guide You

Thursday, 06th March 2014

Business Alliance Director at Bright & Duggan, Chris Duggan

The world of strata management is constantly changing to keep up with today's world. We're building bigger, more sophisticated properties to live in. Our lives are busier and our needs greater. Add changing legislation to the mix and it becomes clear that having an experienced hand to guide you is what you and your property need.

Experience is earned through time. It can't be bought. And having experienced strata management will mean that any changes or developments in the industry will be tackled with skill, knowledge and thought.

For Chris Duggan, strata has been the lifeblood of his family for decades. Chris is the Business Alliance Director for leading strata company Bright & Duggan. With over 12 years’ experience in property development and strata management, he is also a current Director of Strata Community Australia, and immediate past Senior Vice President. Being passionate about the business, he started off on the right foot with a degree in Property Economics and continues to keep himself busy as an active member of the City of Sydney Green Apartments programme, as well as sitting on legislative review panels across a range of current industry issues.

Chris' passion for innovation in the strata industry is evident in the way Bright & Duggan operates.

"Our Strata Managers are dedicated to their field of expertise and are supported by a unique corporate structure that enables them to excel. They each manage a lower number of buildings and have a higher number of support staff than is standard in our industry. This way they can remain focused on their customers and better manage the services they provide," he explains.

"Experience, expertise and empathy are the foundations of our business,” says Chris. “We're one of the oldest and most respected strata management companies in Australia. We've been in the business for over 36 years — watching, learning and changing. We are large enough to have the expertise to run any building and small enough to still provide genuine customer service.”

The Bright & Duggan difference

Bright & Duggan is also the only strata management company in Australia to be certified by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) — which means customer service is first and foremost in everything they do.

The business is built on the core family values of respect, dignity and courtesy and this has gained them the enviable position of market leader and employer of choice in the industry.

"Our difference is that we are totally committed to our lot owners and customers. Anyone who is involved in strata management, whether they are lot owners, executive committee or developers, are acutely aware that communication is often an issue.  Bright & Duggan is recognised for pioneering new strata technology and systems. We have secure online 24/7 facilities which means our lot owners have everything they need at their fingertips,” says Chris.

These systems and expertise also extend to financial management and reporting. The company utilises market leading computer accounting software for financial reporting and budget preparation for some of the most complex schemes in Australia.

"I think you could say that Bright & Duggan has real experience," says Chris.

He also sees great value in owner involvement and education. "At Bright & Duggan all owners are valued customers and owner education and communication is the foundation of honest, transparent and proactive management,” he says.

Chris firmly believes that a well-run strata scheme is based on a successful and collaborative partnership between a strong executive committee and an efficient strata manager.  “A partnership based on mutual respect, understanding and communication,” he says. “We believe that a partnership with Bright & Duggan can provide the working relationship required for a successful strata community.”

For more information you can visit or contact Chris at [email protected]


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