Friday, 25th September 2020

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ERMA Fire Pty Ltd

Friday, 06th June 2014

Whilst there are numerous competitors within the fire industry, ERMA Fire can meet your fire protection needs with the upmost quality of reporting and also an eye for detail that many others miss which may end up costing much more with council and future repairs for buildings.

ERMA Fire has been operating for many years and are a team of professionals with a proven track record within the Sydney region for fire protection requirements.  Their team is comprised of handworking personnel, with a minimum of ten years experience within the fire industry.  They currently maintain a broad portfolio of residential and commercial sites aross the CBD, eastern and western suburbs including many larger complexes down to smaller three storey walk-ups at Bondi.

ERMA Fire monitors the condition of all on site fire safety equipment at frequencies and testing schedules as stipulated by Australian Standards and Building Regulations so as to ensure that in event of an emergency all fire safety equipment onsite will be readyto perform as to the exact purpose it was installed.

We also have in-house electricians ready to maintain exit and emergency lighting as well as our specialist technicians to maintain fire panels and sprinkler systmes.  ERMA Fire have a fully equipped team who are thoroughly trained and resourced, ensuring customer satisfaction at all levels of their servicing and installation processes.

ERMA Fire's ability to grow and develop - whilst maintaining the respect and patronage of new and long-standing clients - is a testament to the quality and values of the company and its employees.  We aim to make all works transparent and clearly understandable to any executive committee or strata manager and we do this by making all data available to our clients on a regular basis.

For more information visit or contact Angii on 0416 226 000 or email [email protected]

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