Friday, 28th January 2022

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Welcome to JS Mueller & Co

Welcome to JS Mueller & Co. Experience a new level of service.

Court Grants Easement for Grease Trap

Strata Scheme to grant lot owner an easement over a grease trap

By-Laws Prohibiting On-Site Auctions

Can a by-law prohibit owners from holding on-site auctions?

Company Title Legislation Changes

New legislation giving the Local Court power to resolve disputes commences July 15.

Owner Gets to Keep Hearing Dog

A by-law cannot prevent an owner keeping a hearing dog on their lot.

Are You Entitled to Inspect Legal Advice

When the owners corporation gets legal advice, are you entitled to inspect it?

Exclusive Use By-Laws

What happens when these by-laws remain silent?

Introducing Adrian Mueller

Meet Adrian Mueller, a specialist strata solicitor at J S Mueller & Co.

Introducing Bruce Bentley

Meet Bruce Bentley, a specialist strata solicitor of J S Mueller & Co.

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