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A must have tool for property investors

Friday, 17th December 2010

There are so many property tools available to property investors but this one has certainly been the quiet achiever. This site does all your research for you and with more people wanting to put their superannuation into property, you no longer have to be an expert to find your own investment property. realestateinvestar is for everyone whether you are an old hand with property investment or dipping your toe in for the first time.

When you are buying a home, where is the first place you look?  My money is on  And now for those who are interested in property investment, is a must have.

How much time have you spent, or are you spending, searching websites and classified ads for a property deal?  Are you paying exorbitant fees for one-off property reports even when you are not sure you are going to buy the property?  Do you agonize over investment decisions because you feel uncertain about the risk because you don't feel you have all the relevant information?

Then you need to visit  You will find discounted properties before anyone else and you will save time and money and have all the information to make an informed investment decision.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, here is what you will discover on
  • How to search more than 700,000 homes with one click (as quickly and easily as 'Google') and immediately identify deeply discounted properties - homes that are for sale at way under their true value
  • How to beat the 'feeding frenzy' of novice investors by finding deals that were once only available to industry insiders
  • How to compare properties in seconds - find out for certain which property offers the best value - based on real data
  • How to get an up-to-the-minute valuation, growth prediction and expected rental return on any property
  • Where to look to find two decades of sales history on any property or suburb including how many properties have sold recently and the median sale and transaction trends
  • How to quickly and easily analyse any deal and know for sure whether its financially viable
  • The latest investment information about buying, selling, renting, financing and more all in one place

    There is so much more information on this valuable site so visit

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