Friday, 28th January 2022

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About us

Welcome to!  The site that gives the strata market a voice.

We are endeavouring to make this site the home for all apartment dwellers.  But that largely depends on you.  While we will be giving you as much information as possible about strata living, the forum is being set up to give you the opportunity to express your views, ask others in the same position questions and lend a helping hand to those you think you might be able to help.

Sadly these days communication is not as good as it could be.  It is usually at a time when people need help the most that those they are seeking it from are not in the position to act immediately.  That's why we have developed a community where you can help each other.  The more you put into the site the more you will get out of it.

The executive committee in each building has a really good grasp on the issues that relate to your building. They represent everyone in their community.  They are the people who have put themselves forward to maintain the common areas in your environment.  Supporting them and attending meetings is a good way to be involved.  We are going to try and answer as many general questions as possible for those in the general community with the help of strata managers who will be supporting this site.  As there are many legalities involved in strata management, any questions that pertain to issues we feel we are unable to answer - or are more suitably answered by a lawyer - we will endeavour to obtain advice for you from our legal sponsors. Questions of a legal nature are restricted to members of the executive committee only.  If a lot owner has a legal issue, it must be taken to their executive committee who will act on it accordingly.

Fortunately most general questions are not particular to any one person or building so feel free to help other lot owners with your own experiences.

Aside from the serious side of strata business, we are going to do our best to bring you the best possible advice at all times in other areas of apartment living.  For example, celebrity vet Rob Zammit is coming on board to help you with any questions related to pets in your apartment.  Have fun in the pet section of the forum by posting pics of your apartment pets and you should definitely share some of the stories we get to hear that are most entertaining. 

When working with BCS Strata Management as their business development manager I became involved with many of the executive committees.  I made myself a point of contact for all the committees - and lot owners for that matter -  if they needed extra support from BCS.  No one person can be all things to all people but I did find that the biggest problem with most of the lot owners was sufficient communication.  It is not only the executive committees who have access to the strata manager managing their building but all lot owners.  If you calculate how many owners that a strata manager is responsible for, it is little wonder they are able to communicate adequately all of the time.  This is not an issue only pertaining to BCS, every strata company I have spoken to concedes that their greatest issue is adequate communication to satisfy every community.  So now you have it....your own community.  A place to come to help and be helped.

As a journalist with 30 years experience in every aspect of the property market, I can tell you that Strata Management is not the most exciting subject in the world of property to write about, yet it is one of the most important.  Because strata laws are so exact, it is a little hard to add colour but we are going to attempt to do that with stories about general apartment living and lifestyle.

Take a look around the site and let us know if you think there is anything we can add.  The boys at Neubreed have done a great job with the site but there is still room to make a couple of changes or additions.

Welcome to the community. 

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