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Water Heater Perfect for Small Spaces

Monday, 21st June 2010

It has all the performance and safety features of Rheem's larger continuous flow water heaters, but it's specially designed with smaller spaces in mind - especially apartments.

"The Rheem 12 might be small, but it's certainly mighty," says John Wilkins, Rheem's group product manager, high effeciency gas.

"It's more compact than mechanical water heaters yet offers superior performance."

Created with a number of key features, the Rheem 12 has a 5.9 star energy rating and features electronic temperature control for consistent hot water delivery and to ensure maximum set temperature is never exceeded.  This avoids the risk of temperature spikes that can occur with some mechanical units.  In addition, the unit has Flamesafe protection, which shuts down the unit should it overheat, plus for your family's peace of mind, it has no external controls, so there's no risk of accidently interferring with the unit's operation.

Available to suit either natural or propane gas, the Rheem 12 delivers 12 litres per minute of continuous hot water - and its capacity can be doubled when linked via Rheem's EZ link system which seamlessly links two Rheem Continuous Flow gas water heaters.

Features of the Rheem 12 Continuous Flow include:

  • 5.9 star energy rating
  • Minimum flow rate of 2.7 litres
  • 12 litres per minute capacity
  • Ability to deliver up to 24 litres per minute when linked through Rheem's EZ link system
  • Flamesafe overheat protection and Q Factor temperature control
  • No external controls
  • Diagnostic display
  • 10 year warranty
  • More compact than mechanical water heaters
  • Frost protected to minus 20 degrees Celius models
  • Suits either natural gas or propane

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